Photo Credit: The Loft York


Photo Credit: The Loft York

Toni Calderone

President & CEO

Through her humble beginnings at McDonald's while growing up in Florida, Toni has always found a home in the hospitality industry. And it's in her blood too- her grandfather is responsible for bringing the first pizza shop to York County. 

Toni is known for her sassiness, sense of family and community, and her passion for York City.

Allison Witherow

Chief marketing officer

Allison is deeply rooted in the York community having owned The Susquehanna Photographic, a photography business in York, for 8 years before getting into the hospitality industry. Allison has been behind several community initiatives over the years including the "I Love York City" brand and Foodstruck.

She is known for her "sarcasm laced sweetness," and her sense of style.  

Photo Credit: The Loft York


Photo Credit: The Loft York

Heather Welsh

Chief financial officer

Heather is a magician with numbers and has over 25 years of financial experience as the bookkeeper and financial consultant for many businesses small and large. But that's not all- Heather also boasts 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry making patrons happy everywhere from Mudhook Brewing to Rockfish Public House and Taste Test.

As if that isn't enough, Heather is a great mom to three and also to everyone she meets. She's known for her caring nature and thoughtfulness. 

Amanda Misiti

Chief Operating Officer

Amanda has been in the hospitality industry for 20+ years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. She has worked all over the Central PA area, and has been with the team since July 2018.

She is known for her determination and organization that helps the team run as a well oiled machine.

Photo Credit: The Loft York

Photo Credit: The Loft York

Anna Sweppenheiser

project manager, marketing

Anna is a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania. She started as an intern at the Taste Test Restaurant Incubator and moved on up. 

She is known for her lightning speed and fierce motivation to get things done.